GLOBART ACADEMY in the parliament

We celebrate the constitution!  Eight hours of art and criticism in the Parliament.

Not only the current Corona crisis has shown that the model of western (nation-state defined, representative) democracy is reaching its limits when it comes to global challenges.  Competence is transferred from the democratic space to experts or lobbyists.

How can the erosion of Western democracy be stopped?  What counter-models for more rather than less democracy are conceivable?  On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Austrian constitution, artists and scientists present perspectives on the possible future of democracy.  Giving visions and ideas a voice:  What better place to do that than in the Parliament?

As a second step, GLOBART will bring the committed debate on civic activities, citizen participation and empowerment to the parliament on the 10th of November to celebrate the constitution and lead it into the next century:  It's time for an update.

10. November