Globart Academy

Our society is midst of a revolution. We are in desperate need of spaces and social resources, that enable us to discuss pressing questions of society and help us search for/experiment with new solutions in a safe manner. Let us go on this quest for our future together!



Innovators, Artist, Activists and Scientists were an active part. The museum allowed the exchange of ideas from unusual constellations. Projects were forged & experiences created that touched, affected and motivated many people to become active themselves.

Over 1000

Pupils actively worked for many hours in the exhibition of Harald Welzer IN.ZUKUNFT, participated in the construction of the flying museum, learned about nature and the climate at the workshop "Planting the Future", and in the intergenerational dialogue adults were called to duty or with Van Bo Le Mentzel built furniture and listened to his idea of ​​living together with easy and good choices.


Keynote speeches, rooms for change, artist talks, performances, memorable concerts, the community lunch table and finally the award ceremony with Carola Rackete. Incredible people have accompanied us all! You will find a selection of them below.

Over 80

Media reports in daily and weekly newspapers, magazines. For example on: Ö1 - Mittagsjournal, Kulturjournal, Wissen heute, punkt.eins., Journalen, ORF - ZIB, Kulturmontag, NÖ heute, Servus TV...

Highlights at the GLOBART Academy 2019

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Future Histories Podcast - Jan Groos

While the GLOBART Academy 2019 took place, we invited Jan Groos to the Essl Museum with his Podcast "Future Histories" www.futurehistories.todayHe took the opportunity to record some exciting interviews for Future Histories with guests of the GLOBART Academy. The result is now available!

More about the highlights of the Academy:

GLOBART Academy - Experience with Heart, Brain and Hand

GLOBART established itself 1999. Since then it became an internationally renowned forum for future topics. It is a platform for people, who are ready for social change and wish to become an active part of this process. The invited speakers are activators in a space, that is open for various voices and perspectives. Through discussions, working and acting together, we are able to freely develop and experiment with new tools of problem solving, that can help us create a better future for our planet. With the Academy, we fulfill our obligation to truly experience with HEART, BRAIN and HAND. We open windows into society as a conscious act of sharing new ideas on how to achieve a more prosperous future. Each year, we create a temporary ThinkingSpace on a very special location outside of everyday patterns. From theater rehearsals to the development of possible solutions for pressing concerns: we will try out everything to discover new methods and tools to broaden our perspectivesDie neue GLOBART Academy

GLOBART Academy: LEBEN/LIFE (2019) - MACHT/MAKES (2020) - SINN/SENSE (2021)

With the triad LEBEN MACHT SINN//LIFE MAKES SENSE, GLOBART implements a new format for the GLOBART Academy: in a coherent program over three years, the Academy is dedicated to key issues of our times. On three weekends in Autumn from 2019-2021 renowned national and international researchers, artists and activists will develop lectures, installations and rooms for change. Our participants are able to experience these key terms through different formats acoustically, visually and haptically. For the duration of the GLOBART Academy, the venue will be transformed into a shared living space, that invites the participants to think, experiment, design, and research together - but also to eat, dance and linger. The shared LebensRaum as an experimental field of actions can be felt and evaluated - but not predicted. The aim of the GLOBART Academy is to inspire individuals to become active participants of a vivid civil society.