Globart Academy

GLOBART ACADEMY in the reactor
AKW Zwentendorf

The nuclear power plant as an exceptional place for debating power. 

The reactor, a construction of 1000 rooms, which was never put into operation, is further pushed into absurdity. An empty corpus, a symbol of arrogance, simultaneously became a memorial through the courageous actionism of civil society. We appoint this place, which was originally intended and built for nuclear fission, to be a forum and podium of reflection and discussion about power.

Between 30th and 31st of October, we will use the historic site as a "reactor" to convert the ideas, knowledge and know-how we bring with us into democratic and civic energy. For one weekend, the AKW will thus become a Hotspot for activists, actors of civil society, scientists and artists.

A march by Fridays For Future; the reunion of activists of the anti-nuclear power plant movement; keynote speeches, workshops and discussions on the power of media, language, money, religion and privilege; as well as Art events such as concerts, films and performances. All this builds this year's Academy program in AKW Zwentendorf.

Together we take the bus to Zwentendorf.  The first lecture starts en route.  

To visit the nuclear power plant, you must be older than 16 years. You do not need a protective suit, but good, durable shoes and warm clothing.

30th - 31st of October